When you commission my work you can expect the following:

First, I will work to understand you;
Who are you?
What motivates you?
What does this custom piece represent to you?
What is your style sensibility?
What do you find to be beautiful and meaningful?
Once I understand what you want, I apply the knowledge to designing the most meaningful and beautiful jewelry imaginable for you.

     I will use whatever materials you like; heirloom stones and metal, even scrap, all while communicating with you what is best for the final outcome. Someone who is having such a personally meaningful item made should be an an integral part of the design process. This process is fun and an essential part of the piece's meaning.

    A sketch is usually the first step. It can be done while we speak, and again after I fully contemplate the meaning of your story and translate that into a more technical sketch. At this point changes can be made and styling further discussed. Your approval is desired upon the completion of a drawing to make sure we are on the same page.

     Then production commences. I take great pride in the grace and beauty of the final product, as well as completing the job in a timely manner.

     It is my utmost desire to achieve the best outcome for you and preserve this memory for you forever. This is one of the best things about jewelry; it is passed down through generations. Rest assured I will be your advocate in everything jewelry related. I find the process incredibly fulfilling, helping to fulfill your vision and sharing this part of your life. The fact that generations of your family will share your story about this beloved item is why I have devoted my career to making it happen.